Our Team

The Lisa Kent Trust was established in 2002 and is a UK charity based in the UK with operations in the Gambia.


Liz Tinkler

Liz is the founder of the Lisa Kent Trust and its administrator. Liz has a background in marketing and management. She is passionate about the Gambia and Africa, hates washing and ironing and believes in what goes around comes around! A little known fact about Liz is that she is a qualified fitness instructor.

Julia Catley

Julia is the Trust's Sponsorship Secretary and Education adviser. She was previously a special needs teacher. She is passionate about children and young people being given a chance; hates dishonesty & cleaning ovens and believes that external appearances don’t count – it’s what’s inside that matters. A little know fact about Julia is that she can stay on a pogo stick for hours!

Giles Tinkler

Trustee and Number Cruncher for the Trust Giles has always been a number cruncher! He is passionate about fundraising, and hates wood-work but believes in networking. A little known fact about Giles is that he used to race sports cars.

SALLY Gadsby

Sally works for the NHS as a Speech and Language Therapist for adults with learning disabilities; a title that steadfastly fails to fit on any form! She also has a specialism in hearing and ear health which comes in handy in Africa. Last year she was given the job of Trustee for Health to develop the medical support for the children we are educating. A little known fact is that she lives in a tiny wonky cottage in the wilds of Derbyshire.